What Are the Types of Fundraiser Job Opportunities?

The world of fundraising for voluntary charity organizations is quite unique and interesting and also quite unlike any other type of endeavor. It is an undertaking that is very challenging and yet at the end of the day can be incredibly rewarding as well. While a fundraiser job involves hard work, perseverance and dedication, it ultimately is very gratifying to see how your efforts will directly benefit the organization you work for.

Being involved in making sure that a threatened species of animal is moved to a habitat that has been restored or prepared from scratch, or seeing the enormous smile of a little tike that receives a surprise Christmas dinner and gifts from Santa can make the fundraising jobs development work all extremely worthwhile. Having a chance to be involved with fundraising jobs in a field that you are concerned about or have a passion for will surely fill your heart and provide a level of job satisfaction that traditional careers cannot begin to compare to.

There are many different types of fundraiser job opportunities that are available these days. One of the most common fundraising jobs in the US involves using your telephone skills in order to do telemarketing. In this type of fundraising job, you make calls on behalf of the voluntary charity agency that you are working for to let people know about the charity, the upcoming event or events, and to ask for contributions of money or time.

While many people love this kind of telephone work and the opportunity to talk to people from all over the country, fundraising jobs in the telemarketing field is an occupation that requires a thick skin. The fact of the matter is that many people don’t like to receive any type of solicitation calls, even when it is about supporting charity volunteer work.

However, there are also many opportunities for meaningful connections with the people on the other end of the line who stop to listen attentively and are inspired and moved by your conversation, especially if you have a passion for the voluntary charity organization you are working for.

A similar type of work is face-to-face fundraising. Fundraising jobs in this field will have you going door-to-door, or standing in areas where there is a great deal of foot traffic so that you can engage people in conversations about the charity work that your organization is involved in. In some instances, this type of fundraising job will have you staffing a booth at some type of voluntary charity fair or fundraising event.

People involved in this kind of work also have to be thick-skinned and able to deal with a lot of rejection. But, meeting some caring people and helping to raise awareness about community causes can make the negative aspects more than worthwhile.

Other fundraising jobs in demand are those that will require you to use your organizational skills to plan special events and fundraisers for various charities and non-profit groups. This rewarding career allows you to be involved in all of the aspects of planning, organizing and running a variety of different types of fundraising activities. Some of these events include dinners, auctions and walks or runs, among others.

As online fundraising continues to gain in popularity, another potential fundraiser job would include the management of a voluntary charity website. This type of fundraising career requires you to have skills and experience copywriting, website design and management, and competence with a variety of different software programs. No matter what interests and abilities you have, you will be able to find a fundraising role that will fit your skills and your passion for voluntary charity work.

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How to Get an International Development Job

To help you land an international development job, here are some things you have to do in preparation for a promising career in this field:

• Get a degree
Many employers are after jobseekers that have a degree. If you want to get into international development jobs, getting a degree is a must. You can enroll in a university that offers degrees in Information Technology, Nursing, English and the like. These technical subjects come in handy when you apply.

• Work in the office
Working in an office doesn’t really sound very appealing but it is useful once you’ve decided to apply for international development jobs since you’ll be spending a lot of time in the office. If you’ve relevant work experiences like writing reports and dealing with clients, you have better chances of getting hired.

• Learn a new language
Being a native English speaker has a plus but being adept in a foreign language will make you stand out among other applicants. Being in the field of international development means you’ll be dealing with different clients of varying cultural backgrounds. If you know how to speak another language, that’s a big factor especially for employers who don’t have enough bilingual or multilingual employees.

• Don’t hesitate to volunteer
It’s true that many volunteers don’t get paid; they are only given an allowance. However, being a volunteer will look very impressive in your resume. It shows that you’re really dedicated and goal-oriented. Many people who’re working in international development first started as volunteer workers. You too shouldn’t think twice about volunteering since it can serve as your ticket to an international development job.

• Broaden your job search
Many jobseekers make the mistake of simply sending their application to the most popular NGOs and agencies like the United Nations. What they don’t know is there are other opportunities out there. Instead of contacting the usual companies others like you are applying to, try something else. You can email your application to country offices and program managers. If possible, drop by their embassies and give your application personally.

• Don’t be too picky
If you’re in search for your first international development job, avoid being too picky. Many NGOs are after workers who don’t whine when being assigned to a specific country, especially if it happens to be undesirable at all. Rest assured though that they won’t assign you in the battlefield for your first assignment. Once you’ve started your first job, it’ll be easier to find another one that you see more favorable.

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How The Unemployed Can Benefit From An Employment Charity

More and more countries are thriving against economic problems. Despite the continuous challenges on most of these countries’ economy, you can find significant changes on their condition especially on the unemployment rate.

It cannot be denied that there are reports showing really good signs of progress. This is particularly true with the number of young and aged people who are unemployed. However, these signs of progress still do not change the fact that there are still youth and adults who do not have a job. Those who do not have a job are normally the ones who are having financial and relationship issues that affect their community in a lot of ways.

A community then needs an employment charity to help resolve these economic issues and redeem the concerned people’s status. The charity is directed towards helping those who are finding it hard to secure job orders. The goal is to provide assistance particularly to those who lack the skills and the experience to land on a position for employment.

Now, this cannot be made easily possible without the social investment for any employment charity to have. This is why the charity needs to organize events and programs that are going to carry out the goal for employment. These activities are designed specifically for those who are part of the group and connect them with the right employers no matter where they are.

The out-of-school youth can certainly find refuge in knowing that they have solid support to encourage them to never stop applying for a job. The same is true for adults and even those who just got out of prison. For these people, finding a job may already be hopeless for them but the charity aims to provide them the motivation they need as well as the practical pointers that will lead them to obtaining a job.

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Is The Best Charity Job Actually a Charity Business?

If you ask any of the neutral financial experts, that is, those who aren’t associated with any special interest or government group, they will tell you that the economy has changed forever. There will never again be security while you are working for someone else, hoping to have a pension or a 401k to support you when you retire. You can either face this fact, or you can pretend (and hope) that you can support yourself comfortably with a job for the rest of your life.


We can all agree that we need money to support ourselves in today’s world (duh!). It is admirable when someone searches for a charity job because they are looking to make the world a better place while they’re supporting themselves. It also makes it a lot easier to get up every day to go to a job when you know you’re helping your fellow human being.


As great as it is to help the rest of the world, we need to make sure our own families are financially secure for the future. In today’s economy, and in the economy of the future, the only way to be financially secure is to have your own profitable and stable business.

Network Giving

Enter network giving: a business that pays people to feed hungry children. This model is much more than a charity job. This is a business that can make you rich as you become directly responsible for feeding thousands of hungry children every month. This is a proven business model that makes sense.

A “Fund Generating Machine”

The reason that network giving is so effective in alleviating world hunger is because it creates a “perpetual fund generating machine.” This machine rewards those who contribute greatly, so in turn it allows them to keep contributing month after month, year after year. Now not only can the rich donate to those in need, the average person can too. And they will continue to do so because they are rewarded financially and emotionally.

Can Network Giving END World Hunger?

There is reason to believe that this kind of charity job/business can not only help world hunger, it can actually end it within the next ten years. Millions of meals have already been given to those in desperate need, and the growth of this kind of charity business is exponential. If the growth continues the way it has been going (and it will take dedicated workers and business people to make sure this happens) hunger in the world will soon be a problem of the past.

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Senior Charity Jobs Provide Inspirational Career Changes For Top Professionals

Senior charity jobs represent a great opportunity to experienced business people and successful managers, usually from their mid-forties onwards, who become disillusioned with business and corporate work where the aim is the continual pursuit of profit beyond all else. In some organizations they find themselves lacking further drive, realizing that their talents are largely profiting the few top executives, owners, and shareholders of their companies.

This is where senior charity jobs can provide a new purpose to a jaded person who is truly good at developing organizations, and promoting them to greater things.

A mid, or late career move suits the charity organizations as well. They will not normally be large enough to bring on their own executives, and besides, even if they did the training and skills of the home grown senior charity executive would seldom have experienced the level of competition and cutting edge innovation seen in the best corporates businesses.

Therefore, if you are considering such a change of career to move to a senior charity job, we would encourage you to do so.

To pursue your job search, we recommend that you search or browse for voluntary, charity or social jobs, or go to the employment and job advice sections of your local and the national press for employment news and information, plus job search advice and career guidance to help further your voluntary, charity or social career.

Searching or browsing for charity jobs will be expected to be the most fruitful.

Of course, even in senior charity jobs you may have to reconcile yourself to the fact that you will be expected to muck-in and do many tasks which would have been done by your assistants in the past. You may have to deal with incoming calls, queries, manage incoming emails, sort and reply to correspondence, liaise with the finance department and with the sponsors and donors.

When I was working in charity, and believe me I really enjoyed it, I frequently thought that I was carrying the jobs of an beneficiary advice and admin assistant, medical secretary, senior IT Manager and programme coordinator. Even at times I became the database administrator and publications distribution assistant, but it was all so worthwhile because such reward feedback came to us all of the time from the members and those that we were helping.

If this concerns you find a careers advisor who will walk you through the effects of the planned career changes in moving to a senior charity job. It will help you if he or she takes you through the process of finding, applying for, and keeping a charity job.

I had a useful book in those days that focused me on three aspects of job hunting: assessing one’s own strengths and interests, knowing where to find the best resources, and understanding the idiosyncrasies of non-profit organizations and the charity job market.

If in the end a charity job is not something you take on, remember that there are many others ways to help your fellow citizens. All charitable organizations are usually willing to accept both cash and non-cash contributions. You can also help by volunteering your time. Charity might begin at home, but society certainly needs its charitable institutions. So do not let it end there. Be sure to do something to help you community which will also provide you with fulfilment beyond the narrow pursuit of profit alone.

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